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Drug and alcohol tests can identify a range of substances in your system, even if you can no longer feel their effects. At Secure Health Partners, the team offers drug and alcohol testing according to the Department of Transportation (DOT) and judicial protocol at their locations in the Denver, Colorado airport, their Glendale, Colorado, office, and their Buena Vista Mountain Mobile clinic in Buena Vista, Colorado. To inquire about drug or alcohol testing for yourself or your employees, call Secure Health Partners, or schedule a consultation online today.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Q & A

What is drug testing?

Drug testing can show whether or not you use illicit drugs, which can affect your judgment and job performance. Even if the drugs aren’t active in your system, a drug test can indicate the recent use of various substances. Available tests include:

  • Any drug deemed a potential for misuse
  • Nicotine tests
  • Steroid tests
  • Synthetic drug tests (e.g., spice, bath salts)
  • Environmental testing for drugs (homes, offices, warehouses)
  • Chemicals and unknown substance tests
  • Heavy metals tests

Secure Health Partners uses several different types of tests at their mobile and on-site locations. They may require a sample of your urine, hair, oral fluid, or fingernails. ChildGuard® hair exposure tests, for example, can reveal passive exposure to a drug. By testing a child’s hair, the test can identify contact with smoke, the sweat of a drug user, or accidental ingestion.

Another type of drug test, called a sweat patch test, requires you to wear a patch on your skin for up to 10 days and can track whether or not you’ve used a given substance.

Secure Health Partners also provides testing for date rape drugs. If you’ve experienced a lapse in your memory for up to several days and suspect you may have been drugged at a bar or house party, this test can give you answers. 

What is alcohol testing?

Alcohol testing is a bit different from drug testing. Instead of showing whether or not you drink in general, alcohol tests measure the level of alcohol in your system at the time of the test or within a recent time range. Alcohol impairs your judgment and slows down your reaction time, so there are many reasons why you might need a test. 

Secure Health Partners uses these testing approaches to assess your alcohol use:

Breath alcohol testing

Breath alcohol testing (BAT) provides immediate results and gives a measurement of the current level of alcohol in your system. It can detect alcohol from up to 12 hours before the test, depending on how much you drank. 

Peth blood alcohol testing

Blood alcohol testing (BAC) requires a prick of the finger and five drops of blood for accurate results. It shows the percentage of alcohol content in your blood. It can also identify phosphatidylethanol, an alcohol-specific blood biomarker, for up to two weeks after your last alcoholic beverage. 

Urine, hair, nails, and saliva

Urine, hair, nails, and saliva tests are a bit different from blood and breath testing. They test for ethyl glucuronide (EtG), a byproduct of alcohol. Depending on the specific test methodology, they can show evidence of drinking up to 90 days prior. 

What is DOT drug and alcohol testing?

The Department of Transportation has oversight and provides regulations through 49 CFR Part 40 for employee and contractor drug and alcohol testing. The DOT provides guidelines and regulations for the testing process, the lab process, and the MRO(Medical Review Officer) process. Services related to the DOT regulations performed by Secure Health Partners include the following:

  • Drug and Alcohol Collections
  • Drug and Alcohol Program Management, including lab and MRO
  • Consortium Management
  • Random Management
  • Policy Development
  • Mock DOT Audits
  • Driver Qualifications and Vehicle Maintenance management 
  • MIS Reporting

When do I need drug and alcohol testing?

There are many organizations and individuals that may ask or require you to take a drug or alcohol test according to the law or their policy. As a consortium management practice, Secure Health Partners works with many of them to provide necessary drug and alcohol testing according to the Department of Transportation (DOT), non DOT, or judicial protocols. 

You might need a drug or alcohol test for any one of these reasons:

  • Reasonable suspicion from law enforcement or your employer
  • An accident has occurred on the job
  • A pre-employment requirement
  • Random testing as a condition of your employment

You can also undergo drug or alcohol testing as a personal choice, and testing is available every day of the year at any time of day.

Find out more about drug and alcohol testing by calling Secure Health Partners or scheduling an appointment online today.