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Biometric screenings involve a series of tests that can create a well-rounded picture of your health. At Secure Health Partners, which has locations at the Denver airport, and others in Glendale, and Buena Vista, Colorado, the team can conduct a biometric screening event for your employees at your workplace or one of their office locations. To start planning a biometric screening event to help your employees learn more about their health and wellness, call Secure Health Partners, or book online today.

Biometric Screening Events Q & A

What are biometric screening events?

A biometric screening event is a gathering for you and your employees at which you can help your employees assess and take charge of their health. You and your employees can get various tests that give you more information about your health and body functioning.

Using the information you get about your health and body from a biometric screening event, you and your employees can evaluate your habits and behaviors and work to make them better in your respective personal lives. 

The Secure Health Partners team can conduct these tests and help you and your employees interpret their results at your event. They can also help you decide how to set up the event and whether you’d prefer a setup with various stations or one with individual pods for all screening tests, one person at a time. 

What do biometric screenings assess?

Biometric screening events include a series of tests for your health, many of which might be familiar from your annual physical exams and other doctor’s visits. A few of the tests and measurements included at a biometric screening event are:

Body mass index (BMI)

The team calculates your body mass index using your height and weight measurements. This number can tell you if you’re within a normal weight range or underweight, overweight, or obese.

Blood pressure

A blood pressure reading measures the force that your blood places on the walls of your vessels. High blood pressure is a chronic condition that can lead to heart problems and other health complications, and since it doesn’t cause symptoms, you should get blood pressure readings regularly. 


A lipids blood test measures the cholesterol levels in your blood as well as the triglycerides. High cholesterol increases your risk for diseases affecting your heart and blood vessels. 


A glucose test measures the amount of sugar in your blood, which is the primary source of energy for cells in your body. High levels of glucose can be a sign of prediabetes or diabetes, a metabolic disease. 

Where does a biometric screening event take place?

You have a choice when it comes to scheduling a biometric screening event for your employees. You can have the event at the Secure Health Partners office location nearest you. If it’s more convenient for you and your staff, mobile services allow you to hold the event at your workplace. 

To start planning a biometric screening event for your employees, call Secure Health Partners, or schedule the event online today.