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Workplace and Personal Testing Laboratory located in Glendale, Denver, & Buena Vista, CO

Possible circumstances in which you need advanced DNA testing, drug and alcohol testing, and other services are nearly endless, and they don’t always come up at convenient times. At Secure Health Partners, with locations at the Denver airport, and others in Glendale, and Buena Vista, Colorado, the team offers mobile and on-site after-hours services every day of the year. To explore these services or schedule them, call Secure Health Partners, or book online today.

After Hours Services Q & A

What are after-hours services?

Secure Health Partners offers many of its services outside of normal business hours for your convenience. Often, tests are needed rapidly at a certain location. This is the case with DNA testing during a funeral or reasonable suspicion drug or alcohol testing at job sites. 

After-hours services at Secure Health Partners are available every day of the year, starting at 5:01 PM and ending at 6:59 AM. You can also access available services from nearly any location with mobile testing and on-site testing. 

The team travels to you and can walk you through the steps of whichever test you need. Your results become available rapidly, even on the same day with certain types of tests. The team can give them to you via mail or email, or they can discuss them with you in person. 

Which services are available after hours?

Thanks to their ability to conduct mobile services or services at the location of your choice, Secure Health Partners provides the tests you need at times that are convenient for you. A typical work week doesn’t leave much room for you to prioritize your health, but after-hours services at Secure Health Partners can ensure you won’t have to leave work mid-day.

With mobile or on-site testing after hours, you can get:

  • DNA testing
  • Drug testing
  • Alcohol testing
  • Clinical lab tests
  • Biometric screens

For occupational testing related to Department of Transportation (DOT) jobs, like drug and alcohol testing, Secure Health Partners adheres to DOT testing requirements. 

What is the difference between mobile and on-site after-hours services?

After-hours services are available under two different yet similar circumstances:

Mobile testing

Using their Buena Vista Mountain Mobile clinic or Glendale, or DEN airport locations, Secure Health Partners team can drive to you to conduct testing at the scene of an accident, for example.

On-site testing

If it’s inconvenient or not possible for you to leave a given location when you require a specific test, the Secure Health Partners team can travel to you. They frequently conduct testing in business offices, at hospitals, at construction sites, and even at funeral homes, depending on the type of test you need. 

The team also offers telehealth services, which allows you to access expert advice and opinions at any time and from anywhere. Telehealth services are especially beneficial for college students who are currently living out of state or those who are away from home on vacation, but you can also use them for the sake of convenience. 

To learn more about after-hours services and what they entail, call Secure Health Partners, or schedule your services online today.