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Women’s and men’s wellness panels don’t just show a bunch of numbers and test results: They can point you in the right direction toward healthier habits and behaviors. At Secure Health Partners, with locations at the Denver airport and in Glendale, and Buena Vista, Colorado, the team offers women’s and men’s wellness panels so you can learn a lot more about your body’s needs and functions. To schedule your wellness panel, call Secure Health Partners, or book online today.

Women's and Men's Wellness Panel Q & A

What are men’s and women’s wellness panels?

Men’s and women’s wellness panels are comprehensive analyses that include multiple tests and measurements showing various aspects of your health. You undergo a series of short and simple tests with the help of the team at Secure Health Partners to assess your risk for chronic diseases, including some specific to your gender.

You can use the results of your wellness panel to evaluate your lifestyle choices and behaviors. By seeing numbers and measurements directly related to your health and comparing them to those of a healthy individual of your same age and gender, you can figure out which parts of your lifestyle need alterations to make you healthier and lower your risk for disease.

Which tests do men’s and women’s wellness panels include?

Secure Health Partners offers a range of wellness services and tests to evaluate your health and health risks. These tests can analyze:


Pharmacogenetics tests help to predict your results from various prescription drugs, including their potential side effects and their therapeutic effects. With pharmacogenetics, you and your doctor can refine your treatment plan for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), depression, diabetes, hormonal concerns, urinary conditions, or other health diseases. 


Predisposition tests can assess your risk for certain diseases, especially those that develop with age. The team at Secure Health Partners can give you your risks in percentages for conditions like breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. 


Nutrigenetics tests tell you which vitamins you need more of in your diet or in the form of supplements. Based on the results, you can narrow down the number of vitamins you take daily. 

Weight management and diet

If you struggle to find a diet plan that delivers results while managing your weight, there are tests available to show you which foods are best for you specifically. 

Health and exercise

If you work out regularly but aren’t seeing results from your current plan, certain tests can evaluate your genetic makeup to show which types of exercises will be the most beneficial to you. 

What should I do with the results of a women’s or men’s wellness panel?

The team at Secure Health Partners gives you confidential lab results so you can check numbers related to your health. If you’re not sure which steps to take after getting your results, you can take your lab test results to your primary care physician for more in-depth interpretation and health advice. 

To schedule a women’s or men’s wellness panel for yourself or a loved one, call Secure Health Partners or book online today.