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When hiring someone to do sensitive or high-risk work, you want to have as much information as possible about your applicant to make the right decision. At Secure Health Partners, with locations at the Denver airport, and others in Glendale, and Buena Vista, Colorado, the team offers in-depth background screens to assess applicants’ criminal, employment, motor vehicle records, and other valuable information. To set up your next background screen, call Secure Health Partners, or schedule one online today.

Background Screens Q & A

What are background screens?

A background screen is an in-depth analysis of a potential employee’s personal and professional history, which can show important information that may qualify or disqualify them from your open position. Secure Health Partners can hook into your applicant tracking system to access and sort through incoming resumes. 

As an employer, you want your employees to be trustworthy and capable of performing their job. A background screen lets you know about an applicant’s past so you can better predict their behavior and job performance in the future. This test helps you get ahead of potential risks and affirms you’re making a safe choice with your hire. 

Using background screens as a prerequisite for hire also benefits you as the employer because you can advertise to your clients that your employees have been screened and are trustworthy to handle sensitive information or perform their job duties safely. 

When should I set up background screens for my employees?

Background screens are beneficial in a number of lines of work. There are endless sensitive jobs or tasks that require dependable and honest employees or handlers. For example, you should consider background screens for employees who:

  • Work with the elderly, children, and other vulnerable populations
  • Handle money
  • Handle sensitive information about finances
  • Have access to social security numbers or account numbers
  • Must use passwords or security codes for various reasons
  • Handle expensive items or equipment
  • Work inside others’ homes

With the combined information from these tests, you can be sure that you have as much information as you need to assess an employee’s behaviors and habits. 

What can a background screen show?

Background screens at Secure Health Partners include access to information from a number of resources connected to an individual’s past. With this in-depth screening, you can access information like:

  • County criminal information
  • Federal criminal information
  • Social security verification
  • Address history
  • Prior background checks
  • Financial sanctions list
  • Terrorist and global watch lists
  • Sex offender registry information
  • Motor vehicle records
  • Employment history

Individual pieces of information might not tell you much about an applicant, but altogether, this information tells you a lot about a person. Secure Health Partners offers fast background screening results so you can make your hiring decisions promptly.

A background screen and drug test may be the final and most important steps in your hiring process. To schedule background screenings for your applicants, call Secure Health Partners, or request an appointment online today.